Merry Christmas!!!!

19 December 2014

On behalf of Margaret Morgan, Library Chairperson, and myself, Colleen Rook, Library Manager, I would like to take this opportunity to wish our Patrons a Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy and Prosperouse New Year.
We look forward to continuing to offer you books and more!

Looking For....

30 September 2014

We are currently looking for donations of gently used Lego building blocks to create kits for the library.  These kits will be used to increase reading skills amongst our younger and not so young readers!
If you have any Lego building blocks you would like to donate, please contact me at the library.

Thank you in advance!

What's All the Hoopla?

14 August 2014

     Now you can use your library card to sign up for free digital video, music and audiobooks.  Install the free mobile app on your iOS or Android device.  Log in on your mobile device or PC, then, "browse, borrow and enjoy"!

     This is just like borrowing a book download, enjoy, then when the borrowing time is reached, the item is removed.

     Have fun and enjoy!


Patron Views

11 March 2014

What is a library without its patrons and their valued opinions?  Have you read an interesting book lately and would like to share your thoughts about it?  Your opinions are important to us and certainly help with the book selection when purchasing for the library.

Send me a review and I will gladly list it here and on our Facebook page (  for others to see.  Just let me know whether or not you want your name mentioned before I display your review.  Please send your reviews to and I will post them as soon as I receive them!

Remember, without you, we are nothing. 

Welcome Margaret!

07 December 2013
     Please welcome Margaret Morgan to the Library family.  Margaret has accepted the position of Library Board Chairperson.  She is an avid reader and has many plans for our library.  Margaret is a long-time resident of Worsley and is active in many community programs.